Established 1984. Members from Richmond and the surrounding areas of Virginia, Maryland, West Virginia, & North Carolina, who support & enjoy recreational and competitive carriage driving.

Volunteer !!

Think it looks like a lot of moving parts? It is !!

Without volunteers, driving events could not exist - & it's the best way to learn what needs to happen, why. . . and what the heck all that stuff is called, too. Volunteers are needed at both JRDA-sponsored, and many other, CDEs, pleasure shows, dressage shows and other driving events.

Our members are happy to share their knowledge with you about volunteering, what it involves, and what a day in the trenches at a driving event is like. In fact, JRDA encourages all of our members to volunteer at a club event at least once a year. 

Whether you're interested in a formal role that may require some training & experience, or something basic to help you understand how all the parts fit together, we'd be glad to have you! Please contact any of our club officers for details.

The volunteer roles below are just a few of those needed on a regular basis. 

Prior experience with horses is helpful but not required.

Willingness to collaborate, work hard, get a little dirty, & have fun.... is!

Contact us today to discuss how you can get involved!


All events need runners! Runners most often collect the scores from judges and carry them to the scorer at regular intervals. Runners may also distribute drinks, snacks, and relieve other volunteers at different locations throughout the competition.


Timers are needed for many different phases of driving competitions. The Head Timer gathers and instructs volunteers as timers for individual phases of a competition, & arranges for ground clocks and score forms to be available, sets clocks, prepares clipboards with the secretary, confirms all times and places, arranges for distribution of lunches. Most competitions will minimally have a chief timer and a back-up timer.

Cones Pusher:

Any event having a cones competition will need several cones "pushers". The job of the cones pusher is to set the distance between the cones as directed by the cones steward. This distance may either be previously determined by measuring each carriage's width between the wheels, or by a predetermined width for all competitors, depending on the rules of the competition. Pushers also reset cones & balls that become dislodged during a competitor's run.

Hospitality Chair:

Plans all hospitality for competitors and officials; may also provide hospitality for volunteers. Arranges hospitality, and all meals and refreshments for officials during the competition. May include making arrangements for meals and lodging for out of town judges, meals for volunteers, goodie bags for volunteers and/or competitors, setting up a hospitality tent on grounds  snacks and meals, arranging thank-you gifts for officials or volunteers. May also be responsible for assisting with pick-up and drop- off to and from an airport for larger events.

Equipment Manager:

All shows need an equipment manager The equipment manager is responsible before, during, & after the event for taking inventory of equipment, arranging for any repairs or replacements needed, & organizing and delivering equipment to the appropriate areas . In many cases this volunteer will assist the judges or course designers in setting up the equipment. This role also makes note of any needed repairs of replacements and notifies the club of these needs.


Supervises all scoring for all phases of competition; knows the rules, is familiar with the course or classes, and is accurate and efficient. Must have familiarity with the rules is more important than mathematical ability. Obtains entries and allowed times from secretary, prepares score sheets, and makes up sheets for posting scores. Many times, especially if computer scoring is utilized, the scorer will prepare the competition schedules for dressage, marathon and cones. He/she will also prepare the time allowed and passing times for the marathon. Once this is prepared, it must be given to the technical delegate for review and approval. Arranges appropriate place for scoring, and provides calculators, file boxes, posting sheets, pencils, white-out, etc. Prepares and posts results, ideally within ½ hour of completion of competition Prepares placings after each phase, order of go for obstacle-cones driving, and standings for all awards. Prepares all results for submission to ADS and USEF.

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