Bit Lending Library

Established 1984. Members from Richmond and the surrounding areas of Virginia, Maryland, West Virginia, & North Carolina, who support & enjoy recreational and competitive carriage driving.

Created in 2020!

The JRDA Bit Lending Library

Participation is available only to paid members in good standing.


Please help us maintain this service by using it responsibly as both a lender & a borrower.


JRDA reserves the right to revoke the privilege of this service if deemed necessary.

Browse the photo gallery at left, to view bits whose owners have offered to make them available on loan to other members.

Both riding & driving bits are included.

Please e-mail  if you have bits you'd like to add to this list.

Instructions / Terms:

(1) Note the assigned number, which may be found with the photo of each bit (e.g. BL063)

(2) Send us an e-mail with the assigned number of the bit.

(3) JRDA will forward your request to the owner of the bit.

(4) Bit owners may require a $10 deposit, to be returned to borrower upon completion of loan period.

(5) The standard loan period is 2 weeks.

(4) JRDA does not guarantee the availability of any specific bit. JRDA and bit owners are not liable for any accidents or injury caused by any bit, or the misuse or breaking of any bit.

(5) Non-returned bits (past 30 days without prior arrangement), or damaged bits, will be subject to market replacement value charge.

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